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Sunday, October 04, 2009

To The Beach & Back

Highway Driving Is Overrated...

The trip to Port Lavaca went well. The truck ran smoothly, my only gripe was the gas mileage seems to have fallen off a bit, but that may just be the last of the summer-blend ethanol mix lurking in my tank.

I need to add a toolbox to the truck. I was sorely in need of a hacksaw. There was a nice-sized whitetail buck smooshed by the roadside, and even at 70 mph I could count the 8 points on his rack. I was still debating whether or not I wanted to lop his head off with Mr. Switchy when I saw a Chevy redneck rig running in reverse on the side of the road, backing up towards the deer. Apparently someone else saw Mr. Buck and was better equipped for looting the carcass...

I had a great time with GuyK, Becky and Coon-Ass, who drove all the way from Louisiana. Little Sister poodle wasn't all that impressed with me, however. We watched a BBQ cookoff contest, sat and jawed a while, and Guy treated to a Mexican feast, which was quite nice of him. Port Lavaca seems to be a nice little town, though I do fear the consequences if that ginormous plastics plant across the bay ever had a blowout!

I left earlier than I wanted to, but I wanted to make it back to Hwy 59 before full dark. I hit 59 heading north just at the tail end of twilight, then 10 minutes late ran into a heavy rain that continued all the way home.

So, the truck passed the shakedown cruise. Next up is a jaunt over to Tennessee in late October. Can't wait!