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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food Fun

Airing My Dirty Tablecloth & Napkins In Public!

Six months ago today, I posted a list of foods I hadn't eaten in the 5 preceding weeks. It was LOLA coming out of the closet, you might say.

It's Day 214 of Project LOLA, and let's see how Unca Cap has done so far...

If anyone's wondering how I've managed to remember how many servings of a particular food I've consumed over 214 days, let's just say than when you're used to stuffing your pie hole until you bloat, once that ends and you no longer eat "tasty" foods as a daily routine, you tend to really, really relish the few times that you do.

So, has El Capitan eaten any of these???

Cheeseburgers - Nope

Chilidogs - Nope

Pasta - Yeah, three 1-cup servings of bowtie pasta salad from the HEB deli since 10/20/09.

Chicken Fried Steak - Nope

Nachos - Nope

Pizza - Nope

Hamburger (ground beef) - about two tablespoons of taco meat on a salad last December.

Baked Potatoes - Nope

Chocolate - Two Hershey's kisses at Xmas, one Hershey's Lemon Creme white chocolate kiss (Nasty, like lemon-flavored lard!!) a week or so ago. One 1" x 2" square of dark chocolate at a friend's birthday party.

Patty Melts - Nope

Breakfast Burritos - Nope

Tater Tots - Nope (On that note, whoever blogged about making bacon-wrapped tater tots? May you endure a Promethean curse...)

Hash Browns - I've eaten at Cracker Barrel twice with my parents, and had a serving of their potato/cheese casserole. This might count as hash browns.

Pancakes - Nope

French Fries - Two french fries. Not two servings, just two fries. My nephew insisted.

Fried Chicken - Nope. This is getting harder to resist, especially with the KFC Double Down on the market.

Milkshakes - Nope

Beer - Yeah, 3-4 beers replaced dinner at a couple of poker nights. I've had one or two every other week or so.

Potato Chips/Fritos/Snackie Chips - Nope. I do eat pretzels often, but I measure them out in 200 calorie portions.

Wine - Nope

Ice Cream - Nope

Liquor - Probably one or two drinks a month.

Ranch & Blue Cheese Salad Dressing - Had blue cheese dressing on a salad at Easter.

Miracle Whip - Nope

Deep-Fried Anything - see "fries" above

Cookies/Cakes/Pies - Slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Pretty sure I had one at Xmas, too. Once, a bag of animal crackers, 'cause the vending machine was out of pretzels.

Cinnamon Rolls - Nope

Kolaches - Nope

Candy - See "chocolate" above. I didn't use to like chewing gum, but I've been sampling various sugar-free gums just to give my pie hole something to occupy itself with. The Wrigley "5" flavors are pretty good.

Sugary Sodas - Nope

Sonic Slushees - Nope

98% of available Fast Food** - between 8-10 Sonic grilled chicken tortilla wraps (400 calories, 14 fat grams each). However, none since February. Had sugar-free iced coffee from Mickey D's 2 or 3 times.

Donuts - Nope. No bagels, either, dammit...

Bread/rolls/buns - One and a half biscuits. One or two sandwiches while traveling back & forth to my sister's place. 4-5 wheat crackers schmeared with some chicken salad at a Poker Night last month. Does a Nutri-Grain bar count as bread? If so, a couple of those.

And that's where I stand.

As for the results? I have a number. I ain't gonna say it, but I did locate a reliable scale, and now I know exactly where I am, and how far I've gotta go. I will say that there's 10 inches off my waistline, and most of my shirts are starting to look really baggy.

I've even had three people in the last month stop & ask me if I've lost weight. That might be even more rewarding than fitting in smaller pants...