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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Goose Is Loose

Yet Another Thing That Won't End Well...

The hillbillies next door have brought a new pet home.

On my way out to the truck this morning, I'm greeted by a yapping chihuahua, a yapping Maltese, an indifferent cat, a mostly nekkid two year old and this smallish yellowish bird with a sizable beak and the most ridiculous set of webbed feet you've ever seen.

Apparently geese grow their feet before they grow the rest of the goose.

OK, the dogs I can deal with. I'm used to the mostly nekkid kids. The cat makes little pawprints on my windshield, but otherwise avoids contact.

Once that goose grows up, though...

They're territorial as hell, and fond of pecking the shit out of your ankles and banging the crap out of your shins with their wings.

I'm not having it. No effin' way.

First time that goose gets between me & the front door, I'm gonna have roast goose for dinnner!