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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Owls Have Doubled!!

Twice The Hooting, Half The Vermin!

One of the nice things about my routine of reading a book & enjoying a cigar out under the streetlight is the opportunity to see the nocturnal visitors that frequent the cul de sac.

I've seen possums and bats, toads and cats, and the occasional critter that escapes from the menagerie next door.

I've spotted a barn owl on a few occasions, but my favorite is the little bitty owl that perches in the oak tree in the front yard.

Tonight, though, there were two of them! They were swooping down and catching something in the grass, either toads or junebugs.

I hope they set up a household. There's always the possibility that they'll hatch a few owlets, and finally have enough wings & claws to take out that annoying chihuahua!!