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Monday, August 01, 2011

Burn, Baby, Burn!!

"I'm Burnin', I'm Burnin', I'm Burnin' For You..."


And it was such a nice weekend...

What is it with me & vehicular combustion??

Driving into work this morning, I'm suddenly greeted by the acrid smell of high-amp electronics searing in their own juices.

Now, I've usually got a shitload of trash on the passenger-side floorboard, and some usually gets stuffed up under the seat.

That's also where the stereo amplifier lurks, a huge aluminum brick that's got a power cable as big around as a garden hose that goes straight to the battery.

I figured that something had finally got hot enough to catch fire. That's all I need, burning trash under the passenger seat...

I managed to get off the road without killing anyone, shut off the radio to kill power to the amp, popped the hood, and snagged the fire extinguisher just in case.

Nope, nothing burning, but that ozone smell was pretty fierce.

I got all the crap cleaned out, but it appears that the amp is dead. It's been 25+ years since I've installed a car radio, so I've got zero clue how to go about fixing this.

Guess it's time to get one of those newfangled setups with the iPod jack & a new amp.

Too bad I already bought a guitar and a pricy bottle of scotch for a birthday present. I could have waited a day more, and used the cash at a car audio store...