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Friday, August 12, 2011

Carving On Pookie Cat

Only $450 This Time. It's Getting Cheaper!

Hmmmph. You'd think two doses of Ketamine inside of a week would improve a cat's mood...

Well, maybe not.

Pookie Cat is back from the regular vet's office. This one wasn't quite as expensive as the emergency vet, but still pretty damn pricy, all things considered.

Pookie knew things were amiss when she saw the file box/cat carrier this morning. It's amazing just how well a big fat kitty can hide when she has to.

That tail always gives 'em away, though, and it was sticking out just a smidgen behind the gas log in the fireplace.

The cat was dropped off at the vet, where they shaved her leg (it looks hilarious, like Pookie forgot to put on one sock) and dosed her up with sleepy juice.

The vet sliced out the cyst over her paw joint, and did a biopsy of the soft mass on the side of her leg. I ought to know by Monday whether it's malignant, or just a random tumor.

Pookie ought to recover in fairly good health, but her jumping days may be behind her. I'll have to build her a set of steps to get up on the bed, or just put some carpet squares on top of some stacked file boxes. I've got dozens of the damn things full of books. Might as well put them to a second task.

Here's Pookie Cat sleeping it off:

If y'all want to donate canned salmon, flightless birds or really slow mice to the recovery fund, let me know!