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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

El Capitan Goes Dancing

Fun & Games On A Sunny Tropical Houston Afternoon

Every now & then, I do something that's just completely out of character...

F'rinstance, who could have guessed that yesterday afternoon I'd be getting my backside soaked and my shiny dome sunburnt 'cause I was out dancing with several dozen Houstonians and a world-traveling YouTube star?

Y'all might remember back in the summer of 2008, when this video was released by Matt Harding:

Where The Hell Is Matt? - Youtube

Better quality version - Vimeo

(My ancient Mac is not playing well with YouTube & Vimeo. If I can figure out how to embed those, I'll update this later. For now, just open in a new tab!!)

With over 38,000,000 views, it looks like I'm not the only one that enjoyed watching it!

I ended up bookmarking his website and following his journal. There's a link on the site where you can sign up in the off chance he comes to your neck of the woods.

"What the hell", I thought. "It's not likely he'll ever come to Swamp City. Might as well get on the mailing list."

Guess who came to town?

In 99 degree heat, I parked the truck and wandered over to the Williams Waterwall near the Galleria, where I joined a crowd of 150 or so who also wanted to join Matt in his latest video creation.

It went from being beastly hot to soaking wet once we got into position by the waterwall. The taller participants (that'd be me...) stood in the back, nearest the spray. By the time we were finished, I was soaked from my neck to my ankles and squished when I walked.

Afterwards, Matt took pictures with the participants and sold T-shirts and books. This trip around, he's doing it on his own nickel instead of getting corporate sponsorship.

I couldn't resist flashing my ID badge from The Man's Office and inquiring whether he had his permits in order. He got this concerned look for a minute before I let him off the hook with a wink & a smile!

So, sometime late this fall, keep an eye out on YouTube for the video. We may or may not make the final cut, but it won't be for lack of effort or enthusiasm!

Also, if you watch this KHOU-TV news clip around the 00:00:49 mark, you might see a familiar face a few rows behind Matt!

Pix from the event:

The crown gathers.

Matt arrives.

Matt explains the video shoot procedure.

Setting Up The Shot.

Matt interviewed by Channel 11.

The Book Cover. (Buy it here!)

I got my book autographed and squished back to the truck and its air conditioning, somewhat burnt and damp, but definitely with my spirits lifted. I thrive on the extravagantly absurd, so this was right up my alley.

Maybe it's not so far out of character after all...