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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Heh. Almost Forgot This!

Fun & Games While You Wait For The Cat Doc

I get some grief every now & then for always schlepping around my carryall bag (aka oversized Man-Purse).

I blame the Boy Scouts. That whole "Be Prepared" idea sunk in so deep, I just function better knowing I've got sharp cutty things, firestarters, flashlight, first aid supplies, and whatever else I might need to rebuild civilization close at hand.

Among other things, there's a handy pocket for my digital camera, and I've always got a Sharpie or two tucked inside.

So, when you're stuck in an examining room at the veterinarian's office for a long while, your brain can cook up something amusing to pass the time.

Like this, f'rinstance:

(Full disclosure: I do own one of those little travel cages, but it's buried out in the garage somewhere. In a pinch, a file box makes a suitable cat carrier, though you do need some duct tape to keep a King-Hell Pissed-Off cat inside during the trip to the vet's office...)