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Friday, August 05, 2011

More Cats & Vets

Yet Another Minor Cat-Astrophe

Well, just when you think you've got your financial house in order, the cat gets ill.

Pookie Cat was favoring her right front leg Tuesday night, and by Wednesday evening she had disappeared under my bed and wouldn't come out.

When she did make an appearance, she seemed to be limping heavily, and wouldn't jump up on the couch or the bed as per usual.

So, off to the vet.

I was anticipating the $95 exam fee. I didn't quite foresee $300 in Xrays and lab tests, and $100 in cat meds. Plus other fees totaling $550. At 2:00 in the morning, no less.

So, I'm destitute until the next payday, at which time Pookie goes to the regular vet to see about removing the icky growths on her leg. And, I'll be broke again after that.

There's a soft mass on the side of her leg, and a harder one just above the wrist joint. The vet didn't seem to think it was cancerous, but might be a bone infection. The diagnosis said "granuloma" and "neoplasia". I'll hit Wikipedia after I finish this to find out what those mean.

Anyway, below are some Xray pics of the inside of Pookie Cat. In the paw closeup, you can easily see the big mass on the side of her leg. It looks huge on the Xray, but you can barely see it poking out of her fur. She's a very fuzzy cat!

The harder mass is very faint, just a bulge on the top of the leg. Fortunately, it doesn't look to be attached to the bone.

Anyway, I hope this turns out to be easily fixable after a week of kitty antibiotics and feline painkillers. I'm kind of tempted to sample the painkillers after Pookie gets done shredding my arms when I medicate her.

The vet did mention the possibility of a leg amputation if it was a deep bone infection. With Pookie Cat's age & weight, I doubt I'll put her through that ordeal.

I just hope it doesn't come to that...

Hug your pets, y'all. You never know how long they'll be around.