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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Gripes

Beech, Beech, Beech!!

Well, there's no better way to start off the weekend than to vent some steam.

So, here goes.

The Man switched us from Blue Cross to Cigna. While having any insurance is preferable to none, it's costing a whole lot more. I just refilled my prescriptions via mail-order. Blue Cross got them here in 3 days, and cost $177 for a 3 month supply. Cigna's cost $293, we're on day 7, and they're still not here. Hope my head doesn't explode for lack of BP meds...

Two dead rats on the road on the way home. Usually it's squooshed squirrels or possums. Odd to see dead rats out in the open. Hope they didn't catch the plague.

After years of waiting, they're finally replacing our drainage ditches with rain gutters, sidewalks & curbs. I was OK with the ditches. We'll have 456 days of effed up streets, culminating in a special month where we all get to park a block away every night. Won't that be fun!

Pookie Cat isn't getting any better. She's still eating, drinking & excreting, but doesn't do much more than lay in one spot all day. I'm picking up a new bottle of kitty get-well-juice from the vet's office in the morning. We shall see what happens.

I can't play an F chord on a guitar to save my life. In fact, just about any barre chord is quite beyond the grasp of my kielbasa-like fingers. Might be time to tune the thing to Open G and play slide guitar. Good thing I really like Little Feat!

OK, I'll shut up now. Y'all have a good weekend!