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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sign Of The Times

If I Was A Lab Rat, At Least I'd Have The SPCA & Humane Society On My Side...

Feeling a bit like a rat with electrodes stuck in my noggin...

The situation at work is growing tense. The Asst. Director really screwed the pooch yesterday, and tried laying blame on the innocent.

Long story short, a bunch of whiny A-holes volunteered to help with a training roll-out of major new policies, then reneged at the last minute, leaving a lot of scheduled classes uncovered. Asst. Director decided to cancel classes, informed trainers, but neglected to tell the training center.

So, at 8 am today, they had dozens of people waiting for a class, and no one there to deliver the material. AD decided to blame the trainers for not being there. Called us onto the carpet, started laying down fire & brimstone, waving around the old schedule.

When the AD was reminded of Friday's schedule adjustment and class cancellation, things should have gotten better, but suddenly it was an exercise in blame-shifting. Didn't we realize that the whiny A-holes who left us in the lurch were bad trainers, and it was our responsibility to get this training done??

Grrrr... This crazy bint is barely competent to be in a 3rd world brothel giving discount tug jobs to syphilitic UN peacekeepers, much less masquerading as an HR professional.

None of us are really trainers, either. We've each got other duties The Man hired us for, and while this shit is going on, those duties are boiling over on the rear burner.

Sigh. Beats the unemployment line. But not by much...