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Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy Weekend

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Humidor!

Oh, man. I'm getting too old for this much fun on a weekend...

Saturday was the 15th annual W. Houston Smoke & Powder Crawl. This was my 5th year to join the crew for a day of stogies and shooting.

As usual, the day started at the American Shooting Center. A bit of a hitch this year, as the drought-induced burn ban in the surrounding county park forced a no smoking effect at the gun range. So, we could fire up the guns, but not the cigars...

My buddy the Cisco Kid attended again this year, as did the Layabout Sailor. None of us placed in the shoot-off. We're blaming high winds and excessively small steel plates!

Not a bad day of shooting. The .45 Auto was running well with the new compensator attached. I broke a hand spring on the .45 Long Colt hogleg, which is annoying, but it's an easy fix.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around west Houston cigar shops and watering holes, and as they say, a good time was had by all.

I arrived home ready to collapse until morning, only to be greeted by two small whirlwinds wanting to jump on Uncle Matt. Sis, BIL and the kids were in town for the Ultimate Fighting show downtown.

Sammy was much impressed with Uncle Matt's guitar, and wants one for Xmas. He wants "a cool rock & roll guitar", though. Not an acoustic!

Gracie was very sad that I had no pets anymore, and helped me to sort through choices for a new one. She thought I should get another cat, as dogs "will poop & pee in your bedroom", a pig was "too oinky", an alligator was "too bitey", a turtle was "too swimmy".

I also learned from Gracie that hippos exist entirely on buckets of grapes. Good to know, I suppose!

Of course, with two house-apes visiting, there's no sleeping late on Sunday. There's a perfectly good couch in the den, but it's apparently more comfortable to lounge atop Uncle Matt as he tries to fall back to sleep!

After they left, I braved the monsoon & traveled over to the ManCave & watched the Texans lose a tight game. Well, the Raiders needed a win today, I suppose.

Up early tomorrow for another trip out to the HPD Academy, so off to bed...