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Monday, October 24, 2011

Geese & Dope Don't Mix

Next Time, Blow Smoke At The Goose...

My sister and her kids were here this weekend. As a result, I'm pretty frazzled as a result of trying to keep up with two rugrats all weekend.

On Sunday, as my sister was loading the truck to return home, she mentioned that there was some weed smoke drifting in from somewhere.

Sure enough, some of the neighbor kids were sneaking a toke or two of the marijohoonie out behind their garage. Since their garage and mine are separated by a board fence and less than 10 feet of space, their choice of hideouts was less than inspired.

Adding to the fun was their pet goose. Territorial beasts that they are, it was taking noisy exception to the presence of one of the hopheads, and kept up a constant gabbling racket during their herbal interlude.

I thought about leaning over the fence and recommending that they go elsewhere, but truth be told, I've done a bit of hiding behind the garage myself back in days of yore, so I let 'em have their moment.

Word to the wise: Pen up the goose before you light up the bong!!