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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yeah, I've Heard That Before...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Got called on the carpet this afternoon.

I was pretty sure it was for a reaming out on my foot-dragging regarding the planned move down to the HR floor. I'm now the sole remainder of our happy band of warrior-bureaucrats left on the 7th floor, and though my shiny new cubicle has been built out and wired for sound, I'm still not packed up, and don't plan to be until after Xmas, if I get my way. Sooner or later, someone on the 4th floor will vapor-lock or get eaten by zombies, and an office will open up.

The other possibility was a chewing-out over an assigned compensation policy revision that's a week overdue. I had a sidebar discussion with one of the high muckity-mucks who let it slip that they're not really expecting to complete the Admin Policy revisions until after the holidays, so I've been keeping it on the back burner.

It turned out to be the polar opposite from an ass chewing.

It was a promotion and a raise.


See, I mentioned back in June that they were going to bump me up one pay grade and give me an official HR job title, to replace the one I had while serving in The Man's Office. There wasn't a salary increase to go with it, though, much to my chagrin.

I've been waiting since then to actually SEE the upgrade happen. Week after week, The Man's official HRIS database insisted I was still in my same job classification.

The unofficial story is that they were waiting to do a salary equity adjustment study, and that delayed the paperwork. The real story, as related by the Records Gnomes in the basement, was that one of two aforementioned high muckity-mucks lost the paperwork, and refused to admit it.

So, in theory, anyway, I should be getting the pay grade bump after all, and the salary bump is just a pleasant surprise.

Whether this actually happens remains to be seen. Ask me in another 6 months...