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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Icky Creepy Things

Verdammt Shrecklich Ă–ctenleggen!

Jeebus, but I hate me some spiders...

Despite my overwhelming fear and loathing towards the eight-legged nasties, I've been sharing the front porch with one for the past few weeks.

It's been wise enough to stay up out of the way, and spin its web so that it doesn't hang over the sidewalk or into the porch area, so I haven't had the need to go find a can of WD-40. Paired with a cigar lighter, compressed petrochemicals make a dandy way to BBQ yourself an arthropod from a safe distance.

This one seems to eat the swarming skeeters, so I've allowed an uneasy détente to exist in the human/arachnid standoff.

It doesn't spin a web every night, and I don't often see it catch anything.

It got something tonight, though, and I had my camera with me. I wasn't getting too close. These things can probably leap and spit venom, ya know... The body's about the size of a marble, the leg span's about the size of a half dollar.