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Monday, November 14, 2011

More Movies

Geez! You'd Think I'd Read A Book Once In A While...

OK, quick cinema update:

J. Edgar: Went to see it with some friends on Sunday. Typical piece of Clint Eastwood filmmaking. Nothing too flashy, and good storytelling. However, unless you've just got a hankering for films about pudgy paranoid closeted Feds, this might leave you cold.

Leonardo DiCaprio had a solid performance. You never doubted his ability to play the role. I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Tracker: Found this one via Redbox. It's a Brit/Enzedd film set in 1903. The plot features a Afrikaner farmer/guerilla emigrating to New Zealand after the Boer War. He's hired to track down a Maori sailor accused of murdering a British soldier.

It's not a fast-paced film, but oh my heavens is it pretty! The NZ scenery is astounding. Kinda like Lord of the Rings, without all those damned hobbits mucking about.

Good performances by Ray Winstone & Temuera Morrison. Also good performances by a Mauser C96, 7mm Mauser rifle, and numerous Martini-Henry rifles.

4 out of 5 stars. If there had been gratuitous nudity of the Kiwi tart, or if someone had actually been perforated by the Broomhandle, then it would have gotten 5 stars!

The Good Thief: Don't miss this if you're a Nick Nolte or Neil Jordan fan. This is easily one of Nolte's best roles. It's a remake of a 1955 French film, and stars Nolte as a washed-up gambler and heroin addict trying for one last score. I caught this one in the art-house theater years back, and stumbled upon it at the used DVD store.

4 stars. Might have been only three stars due to the infestation of Frog actors, but since it's set in Monaco, what are you gonna do??

Bubba Ho-Tep: I am absolutely kicking myself for not seeing this film 10 years ago, and on a regular basis since!

B-grade horror film legend Bruce Campbell stars as Elvis Presley (Yes, the real Elvis!) stuck in a run-down nursing home in East Texas. His best friend (Ossie Davis) claims to be JFK, only he's been disguised as a black man to keep him under wraps.

Together, they fight a mummy that's preying on the residents of the nursing home.

This film's a hoot, and Campbell's one-liners are the best part! Don't miss it!

4 1/2 Stars! And remember... "Never, but never, fuck with the King!"