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Friday, November 04, 2011

Random Friday Bits & Pieces

Leave Work 3 Hours Early? No, Not Me!!!

OK, I've never eaten a fistful of dried, salted junebugs, but I imagine that if I did eat a fistful of dried, salted junebugs, they couldn't taste any worse than these dry-roasted edamame beans.

I kinda like the fresh soybeans. The ones you microwave & they steam in the bag? Very tasty, high-protein and mix well with peas or some other veggie for a filling meal.

The dry-roasted kind? Not so much...


There was a rumor that Michael Moore was going to show up at the Occupy Houston protest today. He's signing a book here in H-town, and the fleabaggers camping out in Tranquility Park were supposed to get a visit from His Girthiness during their march on the eeevil capitalist banks.

I've been looking all week for a surplus tear gas launcher to rain chemical joy upon the hippies, but haven't had any luck. I may have to go to my fallback plan of hijacking a golf cart from the Downtown District maintenance gnomes and whilst wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, soak 'em all with a grizzly bear-strength pepper spray fogger while plowing through their accumulated filth piles.


Poker night tonight up at the Cisco Kid's place. I will probably lose a double fistful of nickels, dimes and quarters, but the losses rarely add up to more than the cost of a movie ticket & popcorn. Most nights, it's considerably more entertaining than what's playing in the theaters, too...


Enjoyed my dim sum lunch last week very much, but after reading this article, I'm kind of regretting the plate of tiny stir-fried octopi. I'm quite partial to all things cuttlefish-ish, squiddical, nautiloidinal and octopoidal. One of these days I'll spring for a salt-water tank and try keeping some multi-legged cephalopods.


I posted on Facebook about being able to buy a donkey for under $100. That wasn't just snark, you really can get donkeys for less than most puppies or kittens. I'd love to have a donkey or two. I doubt I could teach 'em to stomp squirrels, but they'd certainly keep the damn possums and raccoons out of the yard.

While my neighbors can hide their goose, it's much harder to conceal a donkey in an emergency. Those ears always stick out from under the quilt...