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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Turkey-less Turkey Day

At Least The Cowboys Won!

Well, as Thanksgiving Days go, I've had better, and I've had worse.

The older I get, the more I appreciate my family. When I was a teenager, I pretty much had to be dragged in a hammerlock to family events. I much preferred being anywhere else, usually hanging out with friends than enduring yet another get-together of all the old fogies and their endless stories of days gone by.

As they say, Too Soon Old, Too Late Wise. It took a while for me to realize that all through your life, friends will come and go, but once family goes, they're gone for good.

Mom & Dad are in their 70's. Their siblings and cousins are in their mid to late 60's. Myself, my sister and cousins are all in our 40s and 50s. We're gonna blink, and find ourselves as the senior generation...

So, it was bittersweet today to have a flock of oldsters over for dinner. There's not too many of them left, and for a couple, I'll be surprised if they're at the table next year.

My sister, her husband and the kids weren't here. That kinda sucked.

A good feed centered around a ham and a stuffed pork loin, but it was a mite cold, despite efforts to cycle things through the oven & microwave. The League City crew (Aunt, Uncle & 3 male cousins) were two hours late. They're raising one of my cousin's kids after their mom skipped out, and that can't be easy at their age.

The hoodlum jailbird cousin was well-behaved. We've always gotten along, but I still lock up all the guns and valuables before he comes over.

Not quite sure what the deal was with my eldest cousin's wife. Her appearance was shocking. I'd last seen her 15 months ago, and she looks like she's aged 20 years. Fast living will catch up to you, I guess, but I wouldn't rule out her having jumped back on the Meth Express. Damn shame. He's a good man, and deserves better.

The dishes are done, everyone's gone, and now I've got three days to nap and stay the hell out of retail establishments.

Hope your Thanksgiving went well, y'all!