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Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Cigars of 2011

Is It Cigar Time Yet??

I thought I'd share a few of my stogie shop finds from the past year.

In no particular order, 'cause they're all damn fine sticks!

1) CAO La Traviata - I tend to prefer a dark maduro wrapper on my stogies, but for this bargain-priced cigar, I'll recommend the "Divino" with the lighter Habano wrapper. It's a medium/full robusto, with a Dominican/Nicaraguan filler. Remarkable cigar, considering the low price. I've never had an uneven burn, and it's a pleasure to smoke.

2) Quesada Oktoberfest - The good news? They're outstanding! The bad news? They're mostly gone. A limited release from Quesada, the Oktoberfest came in two sizes, the Bavarian, a 5x52 Robusto, and the Uber, a 6x65 Super Toro. With a dark, oily Dominican wrapper over Dominican binder & filler, this one is a powerhouse of flavor. Alas, the Uber has disappeared from store shelves, and the Bavarian is going quickly. Better hurry. I'm not giving you any of mine!

3) Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir - The Perdomo Reserve Champagne has been out for quite some time, but this year they added a Super Toro with a maduro wrapper. I'm a huge fan of the 6x60 size, but for you guys who have Freudian objections to large cigars can select a smaller size as well. The Noir is a bit bolder than the usual Champagne, and aside from the occasional uneven burn, it's a fine cigar.

4) Pinar Del Rio PDR 1878 Reserva Dominicana - All of the Abe Flores blends are pretty tasty, but I really like the red-labeled Reserva Dominicana. The pigtail cap is a nice touch, and you can't beat the price. Any PDR will be a tasty smoke, but this leads the bunch.

5) San Lotano Oval - A new blend from AJ Fernandez, the 6x60 Gordo combines the best features of a box press cigar, without that annoying squared-off profile. The draw is remarkably smooth and flavorful, and produces huge clouds of smoke with very little effort. It's a mix of Dominican & Nicaraguan filler inside a Habano 2000 wrapper. Smaller vitolas are available, but why bother? Go big or go home!