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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Food-Covered Tasty Treats

Santa, I Know She Won't Fit In My Stocking, But...

Oh, my.

I've stumbled across a picture of Nigella Lawson covered in caramel!
(Posted below!)

I've already got a pic on the blog of Monica Bellucci covered in honey. (And one with her wearing naught but espresso grounds, now that I think about it!)

If I can somehow acquire a pic of Jordana Brewster and Cote de Pablo wrestling in butterscotch sauce, I may just achieve Nirvana. Or my head will explode. Well, something might explode.

Which leads me to the following video. (Link goes to YouTube, in case the embed effs up)

Probably not worksafe, even though it's composed only of clips from Nigella's show, artfully arranged and edited!