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Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's Get Small!

Four Gun Posts In A Row? Time For Crapblogging!!

A few weeks back, Tam mentioned a cartridge called the ".10 Eichelberger Long Rifle". I'd never heard of the critter. Seems that you pull the bullet out of the case, reneck the primed brass, then stuff in a smidgen of powder and a tee-ninesy .1" bullet. Yeah, one tenth of an inch diameter!

And I thought the .17 Rimfire was a silly idea...

My idea of reloading humor is more along the lines of the .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer, a .378 Weatherby Magnum case necked down to .22 caliber. Runs about 4600 fps, or so fast it redshifts and hits the target before you even pull the trigger! ;-)
Looks like this:

Well, for every "Bigger = Better", there's another group that wants to go as small as possible, and the .10 Eichelberger Long Rifle attempts to do just that.

As small and handy as the .22 Long Rifle is, due to the primed rimfire case, you just can't reload the thing with any ease, economy or safety.

So, for the crowd that just has to have a reloadable centerfire round suitable for a charging shrew or rabid hamster, here's your ticket!

The .10 Eichelberger Dart & the .10 Eichelberger Pup! The Dart is a .25 ACP case necked down to .10, and the Pup is a .22 CCM case (essentially an old .22 Velo-Dog case, named way back in the day when you shot at angry dogs from your velocipede with an itty-bitty revolver)

The round in the middle is a .22 Long Rifle for comparison. Below is a .22 LR with a quarter, for those of you who don't have such things constantly spilling out of your desk drawers...

I know there's a better solution. Someone out there has necked down a 30mm Vulcan Avenger case to launch a Victrola needle at Warp Factor Seven...

(Click to embiggify!)