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Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Night Gun P()rn

In Which I Continue To Impersonate A Gun Blogger

Got some Xmas cash burning a hole in your pocket? Need something exceedingly rare to inspire pistol-envy at the range? Have I got the toy for you...

First, a little background. The Pistole Parabellum 1908, more commonly known as the Luger or P.08, was Germany's primary military sidearm in WWI, and was also common in WWII, though it was eventually replaced by the Walther P38.

It's the gun that gave the 9x19 mm cartridge its common appellation of '9mm Luger', or '9mm Parabellum', since the cartridge was inextricably linked with the pistol it was created for.

There were quite a few Lugers made in 7.65, but the really rare Lugers were the few chambered for .45 ACP. Made for US Army testing, only two examples were provided by German armsmaker DWM. A handful of other .45ACP Lugers have surfaced, usually prototypes or one-offs from custom builders.

The beauty below is one of those custom versions. Made by John V. Martz of California, it's a snubby Luger in .45 ACP, lavishly engraved with an oak leaf & acorn pattern.

As I understand it, Martz, a master gunsmith, takes TWO lugers, saws 'em in half and then rewelds the frames to get the necessary width for the .45 cartridge. He's also done the same process for P38s, and chambered both custom models in everything from .38 Super to .357 SIG! (How awesomely cool would that be? A chopped and bobbed P38 in .357 SIG!!)

Be prepared to shuck out the shekels. This one will run you $7950 + TTL at Collector's Firearms. It's still a bargain! I read that you couldn't get one made nowadays for less than 15K.