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Friday, January 27, 2012

I Can Haz Smartphone??

This Won't End Well...


Against my better judgement, I have finally upgraded my cellphone.

I've never really liked the things, though I will admit they come in handy in emergencies. That's why I was arm-twisted into getting one by my mother 8 years ago. In truth, it was her old Kyocera. She upgraded, and I starting carrying the thing around full time. (Aside from the umpteen thousand times I left it in the truck, thereby missing calls from many of you. Lo siento, compadres...)

Virgin Mobile has been steadily shutting down the services to the old phones, and this one was getting a bit wonky around the edges. Several keys needed repeated pressings to work and the display had dimmed to the point that even the brightest setting was looking dingy.

I'm deathly allergic (in the financial sense, anyway) to the 2 & 3 year contracts, and the $20 every 90 days VM charged made sense to someone who used his phone mostly for the occasional obscene text to friends during long boring meetings, and the annual call to AAA to come tow the truck into the shop.

All those $20 bills added up, though. I've got over $200 just sitting in the pay-as-you-go account, and it might as well feed a new phone.

So, $150 for this thing, and I'll spend $35 a month for unlimited text/data and have 200 minutes of talk time. I expect I'll end each month with about 189 minutes of talk time, so they'll come out ahead...

So, there it is. I'm now going to finally see what this Angry Birds thing is all about.

Wish me luck...