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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Cousin!!

Baby Count - Other Cousins & Sibling: 15
El Capitan - ZERO!!

At about 11 p.m., my cousin Scott posted 'Go Time' on Facebook. I dunno whether that signaled the rush to the hospital, or the "Bombs Away!!" moment, but a new cousin has been dragged kicking & screaming into the world!

Named Sage Gabriel (insert El Cap & Cousin Scott's last name), he's a healthy 9 lb poop-geyser. Mother & son are doing well, Father and big sister are sharing the oxygen mask...

Of course, what was 11 p.m. here was 5 a.m. where Scott is. He & his wife are currently based in London, England, where the Great Corporate Behemoth of Redmond, WA has a tentacle coiled.

I don't have the piles of genealogical records at hand, but I'm pretty certain young master Gabriel is the first of the clan to be born in the UK since before there was a United Kingdom. When the Acts of Union were passed in 1707, most of our forebears were already in & around Charleston, SC and heading towards points west, or dodging bayonets in Northern Ireland after getting tossed out of Scotland for wearing the wrong kilt...