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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Resistance Is Futile!

More Tales From The Man's Domain

You Will Become One With The Bureaucratic Collective!

Ah, but the assimilation process is long and insidious...

I've been working for The Man for about 7.5 years now. It's the longest I've been with any single employer.

Up to this point, I've avoided drinking the Kool-Ade and joining the ranks of the proles, drones, Gammas, jobsworths, or whatever you choose to call the typical bureaucratic wage-slave.

I can see my resolve fraying around the edges, though. Case in point: I was informed that my phone was malfunctioning, and you couldn't leave messages. If I'm there to pick up the call, (and you'd be surprised how few of The Man's employees bother to catch a ringing phone) all is well & good.

I thought I was just having a slow week. I did report the issue. It just took me a couple of days to get around to it...

There's a function next week that I've been asked to attend. My presence isn't necessary, but it could be useful. I've got a conflicting appointment, a scheduled appointment with the doctor. Five years ago, I'd have already rescheduled the visit to the doc shop to free up my schedule. The 2012 version of me? Emailed my regrets and I'll be seeing the doc as planned.

So, it's not like I'm actively f#%&ing off, but I'm not giving it the same level of diligence that I did a few years back.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just getting older, is all...