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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

George Lucas Strikes Again...

Two Hours & $10 I'll Never Get Back.

Just got back from seeing 'Red Tails'. Can't say that I'd recommend it. Anything with the Lucasfilms logo just seems doomed to major-league suckage.

Y'know, the more I ponder over the issue, the more I'm convinced that George Lucas (Exec. Producer of this film, and he's had it on his back burner for 25 years) never progressed intellectually or emotionally beyond the stage of an pre-adolescent boy.

It's the only explanation for the simplistic content of his work.

F'rinstance, the special effects in 'Red Tails' were outstanding. The aerial dogfights and battle scenes were some of the best I've seen. Pure fanboy monkeyspank fodder!

Outside of the cockpit? Pure dreck.

The characters were one-dimensional. The dialogue was hackneyed bordering on the puerile. Every possible war movie cliché was represented, and the overall tone seemed to be one of a Saturday morning kids cartoon, where they tack a "learning moment" on the end to avoid being a 30 minute toy commercial.

Seriously, I got the feeling about halfway through that the director's only orders to the actors consisted of what that Bug/Lizard bad guy said in 'Galaxy Quest' - "Explain as you would to a child!"

Two out of five stars. Wait for it on Netflix or Redbox...