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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hedgehog Alert!!

All The Nudes That's Stiff As Cement

The Houston Barnacle's website reports that p()rn legend Ron Jeremy is in town filming a horror movie.

Jeremy (aka The Hedgehog) is known best for possessing a gigantimous schvantz, his lack of discretion in where aforesaid schvantz is inserted, and the continuation of his career in p()rn long after his hairline has receded and his gut expanded. To tell the truth, it's kind of an ego boost to fat bald guys everywhere...

Anyway, I could give a damn one way or the other, but I had to pass on a quote in the Comments section. Made me spew some green tea on the ol' keyboard...

"I just saw him filling up his car at the Shell station on Kirby and 610! I figured he was a porn star because as soon as the tank got full and the gas nozzle clicked, he pulled it out and sprayed gasoline all over the hood of his car!"

That's funny, right there!