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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Thoughts On Basketball

Sunday Afternoon Silliness

We're in the doldrums of the sports season.

After football season, but before the bats swing, the horses run and the Indy cars fire up their engines.

Sitting here half-heartedly watching Miami beat up on Orlando, I think I know how to make basketball more watchable.

1) No more free throws. You can't ever build momentum when you stop every 45 seconds to line up for a free throw. In the future, the fouled player gets to throw the ball at the fouler's head.

2) To reduce injuries, all players will wear football pads & helmets.

3) No more out-of-bounds. The entire court will be enclosed like a hockey rink.

4) Anything goes. Just get the ball in the hoop. Disabled and comatose players can be dragged to the edge of the court until the end of the period.

5) One defensive player gets a lacrosse stick, to use as he sees fit.

There. That ought to liven things up...