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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Retiring Mr. Switchy

Sic Transit Gloria Pointi

I've decided to quit carrying an old friend around everywhere. He was just getting to be too much of a liability...

When the Big Brown Truck of Happiness dropped off his replacement yesterday, Mr. Switchy, my Boker switchblade, took up residence in my Box O' Sharp Pointy Things for the foreseeable future.

Mr. Switchy

I've honestly never understood the reason that switchblades were illegal. It's not like they're any more lethal than a paring knife, and usually they're a lot duller.

Still, the penalty for getting caught with one outweighs the convenience of having one handy. Currently possession of an "illegal knife" in Texas is a Class A misdemeanor, and that kicks up to a 3rd degree felony if you're anywhere that sells alcohol.

In addition to the state laws agin' it, The Man takes a pretty dim view on such things. Get caught with a 'weapon' (and the definition can include everything up to and including a severely sharpened #2 pencil...), and you can find yourself on the unemployment line.

Even though I was never in the habit of whipping out Mr. Switchy in public, I could just see some thieving knucklehead digging through my satchel looking for cash, and deciding to drop a dime on me for $h!ts & giggles while they're stealing from me.

So, introducing the new Kershaw Tremor. With the assisted-opening flipper, it's just as fast as Mr. Switchy, but currently legal per the Penal Code.

It's bigger than Mr. Switchy, and weighs a bit more. I'm not sure I care for the "stone-washed finish" on the blade. That's industry-spin for "We don't wanna pay for a mirror polish". I'll probably pull the pocket clip. I never did like the things, though this does let you choose the clip mounting location, for tip-up or tip-down carry.

Since this one's an off-the-shelf knife, I can actually use it for things without fear of damaging this blade or the action. In other words, I can easily go get another one. Mr. Switchy was replaceable, but not "Go to & order another one-replaceable".