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Monday, February 06, 2012

Single Action Success!!

And No Extra Parts Left Over!!

Well, the disassembled SAA clone went back together with a bit of fiddling.

Lessons learned:

1) On a 3" barreled SAA, the ejector housing is the very last thing to add! The cylinder base pin is too long to insert otherwise!

2) Don't forget to put the pistol on half-cock to drop the cylinder bolt before stuffing in the cylinder!

3) Heinie wire springs are the cats-ass!

4) Get ALL the grip & frame screws 90% tight before torquing any down!

Anyway, it's all back together:

The cylinder cycles, it cocks, and *stays* cocked:

The hammer drops cleanly when you touch the trigger!

Bonus! A freebie from the parts guys at Cimarron Firearms. I'm not real big on stickering up my pickup truck, but I might make an exception here!