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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Piratical Primates Prefer Pomeranians Poached In Peach Pudding

Interesting week so far...

Monday saw an extended online chat with a former co-worker. Last time I laid eyes on him was 22 years ago at Boy Scout summer camp. He was an "exchange Scout", more or less, from Italy, and spent a couple of summers hoo-rawing around camp with a bunch of American reprobates. His English has improved much more than my Italian...

Wednesday was a double-dip. The Cisco Kid was in the building on a service call, and got to drop by my evil lair and hang out for a bit. He can confirm that the offices of The Man are not carpeted with the scalps of the local peonage, and furnished more like the local penitentiary than the Taj Mahal.

Wednesday evening I got to catch up with another co-worker from Dallas over dinner. I'd hired him almost 15 years ago on a contract I was managing, and we've kept up ever since. His name's David, but I'll call him the Yorkshire Butcher. The nom de blog isn't due to any homicidal inclinations on his part, he really did work as a butcher in Jollye Aulde Britaigne. In fact, I remember that his resume listed "The Worshipful Company of Butchers", (or something to that effect), and it tickled my fancy. We ought to have names like that over here.
"The Exalted Order of Paper-Shufflers and Button-Sorters." , or "The Whimsical Gathering Of Reference Librarians". That sort of thing...

The construction in our subdivision grinds closer. They're now on the street next to mine, so the suckage will in crease at a geometric rate in a few days. They're lowering the street 16 inches, and burying the storm drains even deeper. In theory, this will curtail flooding after our frequent frog-strangling storms. Well, we shall see.

Rumors of additional layoffs are in the wind. Nothing huge, but if you're caught up in it, laying off 10 is as bad as 110. My dept. is not on the list, AFAIK.

More news as I hear it, kiddies!