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Thursday, March 22, 2012

El Cap, You Sick F#%&!!

Sometimes, I Even Disgust Myself...

OK, so I'm reading Elisson's blog yesterday, and he's posting about re-learning CPR.

Not a bad idea. It's been a few years since I've gone through the class.

It got me thinking about those horrible CPR mannequins, though. Ol' scraggly tramp Resusci-Annie, who's had her face blown into by His Name Is Legion.

Didja know you can get a face replacement for Annie? No more wiping her down with alcohol before liplocking. Just put your own personal face on the dummy when it's your turn to practice rescue breathing!

Of course, that got me thinking about what else you could replace on it.

I bet there's a certain segment of the necro/sicko fetish population that would LOVE to purchase a Resusci-Annie with certain "optional extras" installed.

After all, why pay thousands for a Real Doll, when you can get a used Resusci-Annie on eBay, and upgrade with a silicone orifice or three??

Oh, I am so going to hell for these ideas...