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Friday, March 23, 2012

Frabjous Friday

Front Porch Blogging

What a day...

Started off with a haircut. Don't get 'em too often. Not a lot of hair left to cut. Still, when you're listed as a "Distinguished Speaker" on the conference program, perhaps you ought to spiff up just a little.

Got to regale an audience with tales of dash & derring-do. Well, as much dash as one can have in the confines of a bureaucracy. This was a Leadership conference for young women, and my particular flavor of H.R. knowledge fit the bill.

It was fun, but I kept getting distracted by the photographer. I'm pretty good at keeping my head in the game, but she was wearing this khaki jumper that left nothing to the imagination. You ever want to distract El Cap, tan your gams and wear all-natural fibers. Hubba-hubba!!!

Stopped by Collector's Firearms to inspect a possible acquisition. I'm still not wild about plastic fantastic handguns, but they do seem to be the norm now. The trouble is finding one without a got-damn accessory rail mucking up the profile.

More later this weekend. I've got a cigar that needs my attention!