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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Must Be An Upcoming Election!

Kissing Babies & Asses With Equal Vigor!

Saw an amazing sight today...

One of our local constables was changing a citizen's tire out in the middle of the main drag this morning. That's something you NEVER see.

Usually anybody wearing a badge in this town won't even jumpstart a car. In fact, the usual course of action seems to be to pull you out of your burning car, radio for a wrecker, then cite you for blocking traffic. In defense of the po-leece, it's likely a matter of liability, but back in the day, they used to use those bumper pushbars to shove you to the nearest service station.

So, I imagine orders came down from the Grand Badged Constabulary Poobah to be nice to the peons, at least until the primary is behind us.

UPDATE: Sorry, forgot some of you aren't Houstonians. We've got several flavors of law enforcement. You've got HPD, Harris County Sheriffs, PD's from all the small incorporated townships, METRO PD, School District police, University police, and the Constables.

The constables come in 8 districts, each with it's own Grand Badged Constabulary Poobah that gets re-elected every 4 years. Not content with serving as bailiffs and delivering subpoenas, they patrol neighborhoods and write traffic citations, sometimes to teenagers who did NOT run that red light, dammit, giving them a case of the red-ass towards constables since 1986...