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Monday, March 26, 2012

Where'd My Weekend Go?

Attacked By The Nap Monster

Well, crap.

Lay down at 7 PM for a bit of reading, and suddenly it's after midnight. I was gonna go to the late show, too.

Ah, well. The flicks can wait a week, I suppose.

Speaking of flicks, I rented 'The Adventures of Tintin' from the local Redbox. Most enjoyable. The Tintin comic books were a bit out of my price range as a kid, but I managed to read a few here & there, and the movie is very much in the same spirit as the books.

The action's a bit frenetic, and at times the animators spend a bit too much effort on CGI golly-gee-whiz effects (especially the "lens effect"), but it's a good looking film, and I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel.

OK, back to the rack. No point in staying up until 4 AM.