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Friday, May 23, 2014

Hark! Ye Longe Weekend Approacheth!

Time To Sleep For 72 Hours!!

For those laboring on behalf of The Man, we're at the end of one of our long dry spells without an official vacation day.  The winter season's full of them, but between MLK Day in February & Memorial Day in late May is a pretty far stretch.

So, three days off to do as we will.  Hopefully some will attend some actual memorials instead of succumbing to the pleas to go out and PURCHASE!!!  that accompanies every other holiday.

Me?  Sunday's Race Day.  Indy 500.  Look for me over at Cigar Towne on Eldridge, where I'll be soaked into a leather chair with suitable refreshment for the event.

Other than that?  Probably helping the parents with poodle training.  Coco's not quite grasping the concept that dogs only piss outdoors...