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Friday, May 16, 2014

How To Calm A Savage Baboon

Now All I Need Is A Shot Of Bourbon!

Man, I had such a gripe building up...

I was all set to rant & rave in a blogpost today.

It's all gone now.

Traveled across town to an offsite meeting.  Despite a late start, I had time to stop for gas and still got there in plenty of time.  Got a great parking spot, too.

The potentially long & tedious meeting broke up after only 30 minutes.  I'm still not sure I even needed to be there, but I spoke my piece and answered questions from the seemingly appreciative group.

Pulled into Sonic for an icy cold drink & a quick lunch on the way back to the office.  They had two drive-thru lanes, and I got the "quick" one.  Yay!

Somehow their billing system collapsed just as my order was ready.  Rather than make me wait for a reboot, they comped my lunch.  Double Yay!

Got a primo parking spot in The Man's lot, & shuttle bus was there lickety-split.

No pending emails or phone calls upon return to office.

And, it's payday.

*sigh*  (waves of contentment)

This won't last, of course...  Still, I'm enjoying the moment.