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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Trip To Potter's Field

Out Seeing The Sights

I've been on the road for a couple of weeks, touring some of The Man's far-off facilities and bringing pearls of wisdom to the poor schlubs that work out in the sticks.

You'd be surprised how many facilities get tucked away in the odd corners of the region.  Sites that by virtue of their location are just about useless as a commercial site usually work out OK for storing heavy equipment, or placing a large infrastructure depot.

On one of the far-flung outposts, I misjudged the time required to get there and had 45 minutes to kill before showtime, so I decided to drive around the area and put eyeballs on land I'd never seen before, and might not see again.

The county landfill is out near that area, a Brobdingnagian tumor upon the earth that makes the giant trucks and dozers that crawl on it look like Hot Wheels cars.

There's a couple of urban truck stops, not surprising being near the junction of railyards, highways and the Port of Houston, and all the assorted petrochemical "distilleries".  There's also lot lizards, a.k.a. truckbunnies.  First free-ranging prostitutes I've seen in ages.  (No, I did not avail myself of their services.  Meth-ravaged skin & teeth are a deal breaker...)

Saw a sign that read "County Cemetery - 3 Miles", and thought "Why not?"  There was a news article not long ago that said it had just about reached capacity.  With 500-600 dead indigents each year, even cremating them fills it up quick.

It's on Oates Road, with a tiny entrance and one lane blacktop road that winds through the small property.  Deep ditches flank the road, so steer carefully or you'll be there longer than you intend.

You don't get a lot from the county when you die.  A 3'x3' plot of ground and a little concrete marker, maybe 6 inches square.

Infants are packed even tighter.  They've got several areas marked as "Babyland".

It's not a lot, but it beats having your corpse gnawed by coyotes or hogs, I suppose...