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Monday, June 16, 2014

Looking For Recommendations!

Ayudame, Por Favor!!

The time has come to replace a few aging and/or obsolete items.  I'm hoping some of y'all can point me towards one that has worked well for you.

I'm plowing through customer reviews, consumer reports, and so on, but a lot of times that hidden gem comes out due to someone's endorsement.

So, I'm looking for the following:

1)  Car stereo & amp.   The old 200 watt amp that came with the truck went *FZZZT* and the single-CD Sony head unit is woefully out of date.  Looking for something simple, non-satellite radio and a USB & miniplug input.   The amp doesn't need to set off seismic detectors, just push some sound.

2)  Blu-Ray player   Better to get a "dumb" disc player and go with either Roku/AppleTV/Amazon FireTV, or do the "smart" disc player?

3)  Inflatable Sex Toy.   The "Love Ewe" sheep is a time-honored classic, but it might be time to think about something bipedal.  Do they make a vinyl ostrich?
(I'm totally pulling your chain on #3...)

4)  Summer's here, and it's Gin & Tonic season.  It's hard to go wrong with Bombay Sapphire, and it's my usual go-to for a top-shelf G&T.  Every so often, though,  I like to go wallow in the gutter with a bottle of Gordon's and some past-their-prime limes.

Anybody got a nice tasty gin they like?