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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Startin' To Suck Here, Boss...

Shade?  Who's Got Some Shade??

Jeebus, but it's hot.

It's not even the dog days of summer yet.  And truthfully, it ain't all that hot.

Well, it's not as hot as it can get, which means there's probably a long slow torch blast that'll last through late September.

Guess I'm just getting old, and can't deal with the heat like I used to.

Hard to believe I'd spend 97% of my teenage summers outdoors, usually sleeping in tents with a piddly-ass box fan barely moving the air.

We've actually had a good bit of rain and cloud cover, which helps, but Man, those late afternoon hikes across the pavement to get to the oven hot truck get longer every day.

*Sigh*    Time to go sacrifice a small ruminant to the Gods of Central Air...