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Monday, July 28, 2014

Termination With Extreme Prejudice

Welcome To The Dark Side...

One of the down sides to living a life of pack-rattery and depression is that occasionally one of your more promising projects gets set aside, and eventually entombed in the ever-growing pile of crap that accumulates.

Every so often, though, you get a bug up your ass and start power-shoveling through the detritus and unearthing items long thought lost to the ages.

My nephew Sammy earned himself some money last week helping Unca Cap by doing some fetch & carry and getting a lot of crap moved out of the home TV room/office.  You can see the back wall and at least 30 square foot of floor now.

One of the items unearthed was the gutted shell of an D-cell aluminum flashlight.  This shell, with appropriate innard replacement, has the potential to become a device that when attached to the Ruger 22/45 autoloader, would render the discharge of a projectile from a attention-grabbing *POP* to a much more discreet *clink*.

Of course, to build such a thing would be illegal, so I will not be doing so.  Really.  You can trust me on this...

What to use it on?

I'm gonna whack my neighbor's cat.

Seriously.  I hate that damn thing.  It's a semi-feral flea-bitten beast that seems to be constantly pregnant, and is a bit too canny to fall for the tuna can in the cage trap.

I like cats in general, but this mangy critter has been pumping out litters of kittens for several years, filling up the neighborhood with its brood.  It also hangs out in my backyard and shits everywhere.

The critter is looking lumpier than usual, so I suppose it's about to drop another load.  I suppose I ought to let it get the latest batch weaned before I do the deed, but Miss Mange needs to get her affairs in order...