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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Binge Watching Fatigue

TV Fun

As mentioned earlier, I was binging through several seasons of a TV show in order to get caught up.  In this case, it's 'Sons of Anarchy'.  Season 7 just began, and I needed to get through Season 6 before the episodes online timed out.

Good show, but I started to get character fatigue somewhere in Season 4. When you start to watch the same people pull the same shit episode after episode, you kind of hope they'll get whacked and someone new & fresh will get brought in.

I don't suppose this would be such an issue if you spread out the episodes over months and years, but concentrated inside a week?  Oy....

The kicker is that if you measured it in real time, 'Sons' has spent 7+ years on TV, and the plotline hasn't moved much past 2-2.5 years, even adding in some jail time for the crew.

For a real "WTF?" experience on SOA, don't miss Walton Goggins (who played Shane Vendrell on 'The Shield', and Boyd Crowder on 'Justified') as the tranny Venus Van Dam.  How the hell did they make those tits look that real??