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Friday, September 19, 2014

No Gun For You!!

Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Be!

Well, damn...

This was supposed to be a Buy-A-Gun weekend.  I'd spent months & months banking some spare shekels, and I finally had enough in reserve to be able to cover the car repairs, the usual monthly expenses, the prescription renewals, and a shiny new shotgun.

Well, a shiny old shotgun, anyway.  I'm not all that confident in the 12 ga. coach gun in anything other than home defense or repelling Comanches from the Wells Fargo wagon.   Those 18" barrels are great for scattering a goblin's shit to the four winds, but not all that efficient at reaching out 50 yards to pluck a duck out of the air.

Hence the desire for a pre-owned Remington 870 or a Winchester Model 12 with a longer barrel.  You can get a Remmy all day long for less than $400, and often, less than $300 if you shop around.

Not this month, though.  Got a call from my sister asking for a quick loan to cover some unexpected expenses.

In family-speak, this translates as "Can you give me some money, which you'll never, ever see again?"

Sigh.  Goodbye, shotgun.

Hey, what are you gonna do?  I've only got one sister, and to her credit she doesn't withdraw from the Bank of Brother more than once every few years...