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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Decade Of Baboon Pirates!

Will Blog For Cigars.  Inquire For Rates & Deadlines.

10 years ago this week, I fired up this site for some personal amusement, and a way to get some writing done.

In terms of fun, it's more than paid for itself.  Moreso, 'cause it's on a free platform...

I've chatted & commented & emailed with hundreds of fellow bloggers, met dozens and dozens of cool folks in meatspace as a result of blogmeets, and have started what I hope are many, many lifetime friendships with those I've met through these pages.

I wish the momentum of the first few years had continued.  With the advent of Facebook/Twitter & other social media types, blogging has fallen off, and that's certainly true here.  I'm posting a fraction of what I did 5 years ago, and eventually things will grind to a halt.

Still, I've got some loyal readers who still come by on a regular basis, and for that I sincerely thank you.  I'll try and keep the lights on for a while longer!

Thanks for all who've made the last 10 years so enjoyable!

Muchas gracias, mi baboonitos!