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Friday, October 10, 2014

One Less Baboon In Africa...

Another Blogger Passes Over

Sad news from the Facebook today.  It appears that Oom Keesie, aka KeesKennis, the purveyor of baboon wisdom from deepest darkest Effrica, has been eaten by a leopard.

OK, that's just not true.  Keesie died of cancer.  Still, he'd be the first to tell you it would be funnier to be eaten by a leopard.

Keesie sort of came out of nowhere back in the early days of the Blowneyed Blogcrew.  A lurker from the distant shores of Africa, he took a shine to the assorted blogs up and down our collective blogrolls, and made himself at home.

By made himself at home, I refer to his habit of dropping in on your blog from time to time and leaving completely outrageous comments in some weird patois of Afrikaans & English.  The man had no filter, and very little concept of "you don't know me that well to make such a comment!"

Still, there was no malice involved on Keesie's part, just a great blustery boisterous camaraderie that grew on you after a while.  A long while...

Gonna miss you, Keesie.  You were one of a kind!