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Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Green Thumb?  Not On These Hands...

P.E.T.S. - People for the Ethical Treatment of Shrubbery.

They'll be coming for me soon.  I've almost killed this potted plant in my office.

My boss gave everyone in the section a potted plant earlier in the year.  Someone was doing a fundraiser, and as a result I became the owner of some kind of green vegetation.

It's not doing too well.  Given only fluorescent light and my extremely irregular watering schedule, it's got more brown shriveled leaves than green ones, and it's looking kind of sickly.

I probably ought to take it home, but likely it would never make it out of the bed of my truck, and would get bounced to death in a couple of days.

If you listen closely, P.E.T.S. people, you can hear it whimpering...