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Friday, November 14, 2014

Another Week Already?

It's Getting Too Cold For Outdoor Cigars, Dammit!

Part of the problem with having a day off in the middle of the week is that it screws up your internal "work clock", that finely tuned device that lets you know to the second how far away you are from quittin' time on Friday.

We had Tuesday off for Veteran's Day, and it's had me off my game for the rest of the week, schedule-wise.

I got blindsided Wednesday by huge crowds of cops downtown.  I was heading to one of The Man's other facilities about noon-time, and I kept having to re-route past street blockades manned by po-leece cruisers and motorsickles with flashing lights, then some kind of motorcade went speeding by a couple of blocks over.

I thought I finally got past all that, but every intersection seemed to have cops perched on every corner, and all the highway exit overpasses on 45 South had cops waiting in the turnarounds.

Turns out the Veep was in town to give a speech to the Port of Houston organization, and that was what was tying up all the roads and costing shitloads in police overtime.

Of all the people needed that level of protection, you think Biden would be at the bottom of the list.  I mean, the guy's all dental work and hair plugs.  No substance at all.  Not worth the trouble to even put a flaming bag of poo on his doorstep...

In other news, the Westboro Baptist crew was in town, protesting at Joel Osteen's megachurch on Sunday, and at City Hall on Monday.  Apparently God still hates fags.

I posted on Facebook about my desire to shower them in raw sewage, and the next day my friend list had dropped by two.  I have no idea who de-friended me, but if they did it because they support the Phelps clan, good fuckin' riddance.

It's possible they were irked by my apparent attack on Westboro's First Amendment rights.

Oh, pshaw...  They've got every right to say whatever they want.  I also have the right to have an impromptu performance art exhibition involving a water cannon and raw sewage, entitled "Pure├ęd Defecation Reapplied To Assholes"...