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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Death Delivered On Corn Chips

The Joys Of Being Young & Stupid!

An old college buddy of mine posted something food-related on the Facebook, and it got me thinking about the awful crap we used to eat way back then.

If we weren't gorging at the local Golden Corral buffet, or going for plate # 15 at the Waffle House AYCE special, it was usually something pulled off the roller grill at the local 7-11, or dispensed from their Nacho Bar.

I'll admit to a certain fondness for 7-11 Jumbo Dogs.  Coated with a slime trail of alleged nacho cheese and that brownish ersatz chili, it would sit in your gut like a rock and provide a reasonable simulation of a stomach full of nutritious food for an outlay of 2-3 bucks.  Add a Super Gonzo Gulp and a jumbo frozen Snickers, and you were shittin' in tall cotton.

ConnYank's poison was something he dubbed "Nachos Del Muerto".  He'd dump the provided bag of corn chips in the little tray, then crush them into little pieces.  This would allow more room for toppings.

Then, a bath under the hot cheese dispenser and the "chili" dispenser, followed by a fistful of onions & peppers from the hot dog condiments, and he'd end up with almost 2 pounds of hot nasty tucked into the little plastic tray.

I'm really surprised none of us have succumbed to colon cancer yet...