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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Feedback Dilemma

California's Too Far To Drive For The Flaming Shit Sack Prank...

One of the things I dislike most about eBay is the Catch-22 of receiving feedback from a seller who waits until you post first.

Your feedback represents your reputation on eBay, so getting downchecked even once can cause people to avoid you as a buyer or seller.   I myself am extremely cautious of doing a deal with someone not in the high 90% range.

As someone who's mostly a buyer, I'm of the opinion that as soon as I pay for an auction, the seller owes me positive feedback.  10-12 years ago, I could see waiting for the money order or check to clear, but with Paypal, as soon as you hit "GO", you've done your part, and fulfilled your end of the transaction.  Positive feedback should be the ONLY option at that point.

Still, many buyers won't post Buyer Feedback until you post about their service.  And there lies the catch.  If you're not 100% happy, and decide to go Neutral or even Negative, they have the option to retaliate.

Here's my deal:  I ordered a few DVD's from a seller in California.  Got the order with no problems, and put them on my "preferred seller" list.

A month or so later, I ordered another batch of DVDs.  They fucked up the order, and sent me a repeat shipment of the 1st order.

Hey, mistakes happen.  No worries.  I contact them, and they request that I ship back the bad order, and they'll refund the shipping fee.  I agree, but ask them to expedite the correct order.

Naturally, they delay shipping until they get their order back, and then I'm stuck waiting another 10 days for these cheapskates to ship Parcel Post.

I'm kinda pissed about it.  They screwed up, not me, and they held my shipment hostage until I fixed their mistake for them.  I really want to either drop Neutral feedback on all the transactions, or post all Positive and throw in one Negative just to let them know they could have done better.

Still, with a seller as tight and self-centered as they appear to be, I don't want to get smeared in return.

Sigh.  Maybe I'll just ignore it and hope it goes away...