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Friday, November 21, 2014

Rats, Bats & Leftover Cats

Random Bits Of Small Mammals

Wonderful weather we're having...   Cold one day, warm & rainy the next.  Typical Houston...

We've got vermin on the loose.  I was in the Wendy's drive-thru line the other evening, and while waiting for my burger to be tossed out the window, I got to watch some rodents scamper through the shrubbery outside the joint.

Seemed a bit small for rats.  Probably field mice that had taken up residence inside the bushes.  Odd to see them scampering around in broad daylight, but what are the odds of a hawk swooping down 10 yards from a busy intersection?

Next up was a bat loose in the lobby of the building I work in.  The atrium has big soaring ceilings, maybe 3 stories tall, and that gave Mr. Flappy all the room in the world to swoop around and scare the peons.

Some poor bastard from Maintenance was dispatched to try & swat it down with a "Wet Floor" sign.  Not much luck on that front.  They need to stock badminton rackets or some .410 double guns.

The next day, I had something scrabbling around up the drop ceiling in my office.  I wondered if it was the bat, but it was more likely some rat up there wandering around.

Seems odd, but you never know what kind of critter will wander in from the bayou only two blocks away.  We had a bobcat in the underground garage not too long ago...

Leftover cats?  Parts of them, anyway.  I pulled out a sweater from the back of the closet, and discovered a huge wad of cat fur attached to it.  One more cat hiding place discovered, long after the cats have passed on...